Apple may ultimately include ads in more of the apps that come pre-installed on your iPhone and other Apple devices, such as Maps, Books, and Podcasts.

Apple has tested search advertisements in Maps internally, which might offer recommendations when you search for restaurants, retail, or other local businesses.

On the App Store, Apple already uses a similar advertising strategy, where developers may pay to have their app pushed on a search page for a specific query.

Ads on Maps might function similarly, with companies paying to appear at the top of search results when particular search phrases are entered.

Apple may also include advertisements in its native Podcasts and Book applications. This might allow publishers to add advertising in specific portions of each app

While ads are now available on the App Store's Search tab, Apple plans to expand them to the Today tab and app download pages.

Ads on the Today tab will display as bigger cards with the word "Ad" beneath the app's name, and ads on individual app pages will appear highlighted in blue in the "You Might Also Like" section.

Apple began displaying adverts on the App Store in 2016, and it also does so on its Stocks and News applications.

Apple's decision to add more ad spots to its App Store and maybe Maps, Podcasts, and Books could indicate that the company is trying to extend its advertising business even more.