Hold Me Closer: Britney Spears releases first new music since 2016

Britney Spears has released her first new song since leaving a conservatorship that has authority over practically every part of her life.

Hold Me Closer, a duet with Sir Elton John, became available for streaming on Friday, marking Spears' comeback to music after a six-year absence.

"It's quite fantastic that I'm singing alongside one of the most legendary guys of our time," she commented before the album's release.

Over a summery party groove, the song includes three of Sir Elton's famous hits: Tiny Dancer, The One, and Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

She does, however, let free with a few ad libs, including a characteristic "baby" midway through the song, implying that her voice has developed over the previous 6 years.

Hold Me Closer is sonically similar to Cold Heart, the Dua Lipa duet that delivered Sir Elton John a global number one smash last year.

This approach proved appealing to many radio formats and streaming playlists, and it was instrumental in introducing Sir Elton's successes to a new generation.

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