The Metaverse Is Trying to Figure Out Your Comfort Zone

Something strange happens to me when I enter virtual worlds with my VR headset: I feel alone.

I've noticed this happens again and again, no matter what virtual space I stumble into.

The irony of feeling so disconnected despite the promise of endless ways to connect isn't lost on me. 

But that changed recently. 

Standing in a bare virtual room created in AltspaceVR, along with two other actors and with Jeff Wirth,

director of the interactive acting-focused Interactive PlayLab and my VR coach, I found something far more uplifting.

We stood close to each other, paying attention to when our avatar eyes drifted, an automatic move created by Microsoft's virtual worlds app to simulate eye contact without eye tracking.

We learned to move our heads to trigger this eye movement and more intentionally create a sense of presence. Wirth also reminded me that, as I spoke, my hands stayed too still.

Moving my hands more, and animating, made my avatar more expressive. I had to learn to perform, in a sense, to better express myself as a human.

These brief moments of connection give me hope for the future of the metaverse, & to know Why exactly Metaverse Needs to Establish Behavior Standards. Please check out our amazing article below.