Why Exactly Elden Ring is so popular?

I’ve been trying to figure out why everyone in this wretched earthly realm can’t stop playing or talking about the Elden Ring for the last few months.

This game, a brutally difficult open-world RPG, was not just well-liked. The figures were out of this world.

FromSoftware published a lot of successful titles, thus popularity was to be expected. 

Millions of people have played Dark Souls and Bloodborne. 

The success of this game, on the other hand, has catapulted the well-known developer into entirely another stratosphere.

It took a year for FromSoftware’s next game, the critically acclaimed and massively successful Sekiro, to sell 5 million copies. 

Bloodborne, a PlayStation 4 exclusive, sold around 3 million units. Dark Souls 3,

FromSoftware’s most successful product, took nearly four years to sell 10 million copies.

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