Why Should You Place an Amazon Echo in Every Room in Your House?

I’m sure you have an unused Echo Dot tucked away in a forgotten drawer or closet at home.

I had two Echo Dots, both white third-generation devices that I’d since upgraded to better-sounding fourth-generation “orbs.” 

But those old hockey pucks still slapped, especially when combined with my black Echo Show 8, so I dug them out and found their new homes.

One third-generation Dot went in my half-bath, the other in my upstairs hallway,

bringing my Alexa collection to 11 smart speakers and smart displays, including an Echo Flex.

That means I now have one Alexa speaker or display for every 122 square feet of space in my house, give or take.

Is putting an Alexa device in every room excessive?

Yes. But here's we tell you why you should do it anyway. To know why you should put an Amazon Echo in every room please click below.