Why scientists are worried about the W Boson: ‘Something Is Missing.’

You’ve probably heard of protons, which are positive particles that hold atoms together.

You’ve probably seen electrons, the negative blips that float around with the protons.

You may have even considered photons, the particles emitted by lightbulbs in your room.

But for the time being, we must be concerned about an unusual small particle that normally goes unnoticed: the W boson.

The W boson, together with its accomplice, the Z boson, governs what is known as the “weak force.

I’m going to save you from going down the rabbit hole of how the weak force works since it involves physics that will blow our minds up.

Believe me. Just remember that if the sun didn’t have a weak force, it would burn out.

And that something could totally change one of the universe's most fundamental frameworks.

So to know Why Exactly scientists are worried about the W Boson Particle, and What is that factor that is missing. Please check out our informative article by clicking below.