What do millionaires do with their cash? Rich people invest in a variety of financial and physical assets, such as stocks, mutual funds, retirement accounts, and real estate.

Only 20% of the 20.27 million billionaires in the U.S. received their riches through family the majority did not. Here are a few places where the very wealthy store their money.

Cash and Cash Equivalents

The majority of millionaires financial holdings are often cash or highly liquid cash equivalents. before starting investing, they set up an emergency fund.

Real Estate

The most common investment for millionaires to maintain their money for more than 200 years has been real estate.

Stocks and Stock Funds

They invest in index funds and dividend-paying stocks. They like the passive income from equity securities. 

Private Equity and Hedge Funds

Private equity and hedge funds are not the same thing. Hedge funds employ a variety of methods to generate above-average returns for its clients.


Millionaires also store money in commodities like gold, silver, mineral rights, or cattle, to mention a few.

Alternative Investments

Some millionaires preserve a percentage of their funds in alternative investments, such as pricey musical instruments, rare books, and exquisite art.


There are reportedly 100,000 cryptocurrency millionaires, with the bulk of them owning Bitcoin.