California residents who qualify can expect to get their payouts between October 2022 and January 2023.


Those who filed their taxes before June 30 will be paid by the end of September. Those who fulfill the extra deadline of October 17 will be paid by the end of January 2023.


Those who submitted 2020 tax returns received their money in May. Those that submitted 2021 returns will be paid during the summer.


According to CBS News, the checks were scheduled to arrive before the state's back-to-school sales-tax break, which runs from July 25 to August 7.


Due to high demand, "it may take some time for all reimbursements to be processed. The payment is depending on the individual's tax obligation.


Hawaiians earning up to $100,000 — $200,000 for married couples filing jointly will receive $300. In the final week of August, the government will begin awarding rebates.


In the last week of March, the state began providing 25,000 payments every week. Direct deposit payments are processed first, followed by checks received later.


The Illinois Family Relief Program, which went into effect on July 1, involves a number of initiatives. These checks are likely to be distributed around September 12.


Anyone who qualified for the first rebate is also eligible for the second. Direct payments were planned to be made as early as August 19.


The majority of Mainers got their checks by mid-July, but people have until October 31 to complete their tax forms in order to qualify for the reimbursement.

New Jersey

Homeowners can get up to $1,500, while renters can receive $450. The program will start in the fiscal year 2023.

New Mexico

As of August 15, the state had issued over 2.4 million payments, but some were still being received.


Those who submitted by July 1 will be paid by the end of October. To obtain the refund, all residents must file by November 1st.

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