What Is Dark Matter?

The Answer to Universe's Greatest Mystery Could Be Axions

Physics is permeated by conundrums, and in a sense, that's what keeps the field going.

These mind-bending puzzles foster a race toward truth. But of all the dilemmas, I'd say two of them unquestionably fall under priority A.

First off, when scientists look up at the sky, they consistently see stars and galaxies traveling farther from our planet, and from each other, in every direction.

The universe kind of looks like a bubble blowing up, which is how we've come to know it's expanding. But something doesn't make sense.

Per experts' best calculations, galaxies are spinning so incredibly quickly as everything zips around

that we'd expect the spirals to behave like out-of-control merry-go-rounds flinging metal horses off the ride.

There doesn't seem to be enough stuff in the universe to anchor them together. Yet the Milky Way isn't drifting apart.

So Exactly What Is Dark Matter? And will be The Answer to Universe's Greatest Mystery Could Be Axions

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