In America, if you continue to produce a lot of money for a corporation, they'll probably keep liking you forever, even if you start murdering and devouring children in public.

At least, that appears to be the case with Warner Bros. and JK Rowling, whose "Harry Potter" property has garnered the corporation millions of dollars.

And as a result of those millions (even if the earnings have been declining in recent years), the studio has proclaimed that they are "glad" to collaborate with TERF superstar Rowling.

She has gone from "favorite children's novelist" to "baby-eating witch in a Grimm fairy tale" in recent years owing to her wholehearted endorsement of violence against the trans community.

Following a recent press announcement, Harry Potter actor Tom Felton was questioned about TERF writer John Tiffany's role in potential franchise projects, including the Fantastic Beasts series.

Felton was not allowed to answer the question after a shrewd publicist re-directed the conversation, but shortly after, the official Warner Bros. Studio Tour London told The Daily Mail that:

Warner Bros. has enjoyed a creative, productive, and fulfilling partnership with J.K. Rowling for the past 20 years. and we are proud to be the studio to bring her stories to life now and in future.

Warner Bros. isn’t the only media conglomerate to disappoint this week in regards to JK Rowling's approval.

Stephen King, a prolific novelist (and occasional ally), tweeted his support for Rowling's upcoming book, written under the pen name Robert Galbraith.

But who are we fooling, we're talking about J.K. Rowling. She's chosen that anti-transness  is her topic, and she's running with it.