The Toyota GR Corolla 2023 makes its debut...

complete with rally-tuned AWD and a wicked widebody

Drivers have been pleading with Toyota for months for a taste of the GR Yaris,

but the automaker has yet to relent. Instead, it’s giving us a different hot hatchback that may be more attractive and acceptable for our roads.

Meet the freshly debuted 2023 Toyota GR Corolla and the limited-run Circuit Edition. 

Squeezing 300 horsepower from a tiny engine and boasting standard rally-tuned all-wheel-drive... 

and widebody style that would make a Subaru WRX blush...

the GR Corolla is set to powerslide into dealerships later this year.

The hot hatchback will be available in Core grade and the limited-run Circuit Edition, the latter boasting a forged carbon roof.

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