10. The GerTent Price: 1476.48

Being impressively portable and handy. This tent can be carried in any car trunk and can be deployed in minutes to accommodate a large group.

9. Haven Tent Price: $ 340

Haven tent, is a warm, cozy, and reliable hanging tent that comes with a flat surface even above the ground.

8. The Tammock Price: $350

 Being made with high tenacity, Ripstop Nylon, the tammock can withstand wind and water pressures, making it reliable for adverse weather conditions.

7. iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Price: $4,199

This tent looks almost identical to a rooftop cargo carrier and makes it sleek and unique to mount on our vehicle.

6. Heimplanet Nias Price: ‎$5,999

This tent uses air-filled tubes instead of tent poles, which are not only stable but also very durable for any kind of weather conditions.

5. Tentsile Universe 5 Price: $1,573.99

A three-element tree tent that might look like a ground tent, but can float in both air and water.

4. Crua Clan Price: $3,499.99

This tent has the Crua duo and Crua cocoon connecting with the center dome called the Crua core for a better camping adventure.

3. Shoal Tent Price: $1,499

Having an inflatable floor. The tent is easily maneuverable, yet gives a soft and comfortable sleeping space right on the water.

1. Crua Modus Price: $ 79.99

the Crua Modus, a six-in-one camping system, combines minimalism and functionality to the utmost level.

1. HEIMPLANET The Cave Price: $768.95 

With just a little pump of less than 20 seconds, the cave becomes ready for a full-fledged four-season experience for up to three people.

We can't Explain everything about these gadgets here due to the google word limit. So we made a dedicated article on this topic, please check that article by clicking below.