8. Guzzle H2O Stream Price: $1,195.00

This one is a battery-operated water filter that delivers an adequate amount of drinkable water from any water source.

7. Steripen Aqua Price: $74.95

Its ultraviolet rays are super effective against waterborne micro creatures and make water drinkable in such a short time.

6. Quench Sea Price: $207,272

This one turns seawater into drinkable freshwater by eliminating excessive salt and other waterborne bacteria.

5. Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle Price: $29.90

This water filter bottle rocks a premium outlook featuring the simplest filtration method to deliver clean water in no time.

4. Survivor Filter Pro Price: $69.95

This one’s known to deliver the cleanest water from the worst sources with an unbelievable water filtration level of 0.01 microns.

3. MSR MiniWorks EX Price: $109.95

Weighing only a pound, this water filter takes less space inside your backpack, making those adventures lighter and more enjoyable.

2. HydroBlu Versa Flow Price: $39.99

This one-ounce water filter can prevent over 99.99% of bacteria delivering its users clean, drinkable water.

1. Epic Water Filter OUTDOOR ADVENTURE FILTER Price: $48.00

This 100% BPA-free water filter weighs only 32 ounces and lasts as long as 3 to 4 months.

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