9. Dyna Yak N35

Dyna Yak N35 is a capable power station to electrify that campsite after all the adventures on the creek.

8. PacMotor

It has two propellers to move your kayak efficiently, while the included propeller guards keep it safe from getting clogged during your kayak camping.

7. Jetboil MicroMo Cooking System

It comes with a fuel canister stabilizer so its users never have to worry about uneven surfaces.

6. Crocs Swiftwater

Wet feet are the worst thing during a kayak camping trip, so never forget to bring a pair of crocs swiftwater to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

5. Garmin GPSMAP  64st

A capable navigation device to carry on a kayak camping trip unless you want to end up in an unknown place following the creek.

4. UST Paratinder

Its 550 utility cord just got better with the addition of integrated single tinder thread multiplying its pulling strength up to two times.

3. Therm-a-Rest Space Cowboy

For its innovative construction and lightweight era loft hollow fiber filling, the sleeping bag is very light to carry.

2. Jack Black Oil-Free Sun Guard

As it’s an oil-free sunscreen. It won’t do any irritations while the water and sweat-resistant nature make it more compatible for kayaking.

1. ACR ResQFlare

A minor yet effective gear for any unwanted emergencies in the wild. It boasts a high-intensity led that provides clean 360-degree visibility over six miles.

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