10. Nemo Roamer Price: $399.95

We understand some of you are more comfortable sleeping inside your cars. A cozy air mattress for a restful night’s sleep.

9. Teds Outdoor TEDPoP Price: $ 3000+

This tent may look like a rooftop cargo box, but in reality, it pops up smoothly, creating a vast, comfortable living space.

8. Iceco Go20 Price: $449.00

Go20 independently runs on its own compact compressor and has a flexible dual zone design with separate temperature controls. 

7. Imazing Portable Car Jump Starter Price: $89.99

26,000 Milliamps Hour on the battery can deliver a tremendous 4000 amps or peak power, up to ten liters of diesel engine cars.

6. Hitchfire Forge 15 Price:  ‎$549.00 

It’s a portable grill that mounts onto your car hedge. Now as it mounts on that car hitch, you just carry more items on those trips.

5. Yakima RoadShower Price:  ‎$558.95

Better mount this Yakima Road shower on your car for a relaxing hot shower on the campsite.

4. Sitpack Campster Price: $79.00

Weighing only 2 pounds, this foldable camping chair is impressive enough to withstand an adequate amount of weight.

3. Luno Car Window Screens Price: $49.99

It might look like a simple mesh for those windows, but sometimes simplicity can deliver just the right thing anyone wants.

2. Luno Car Privacy Curtain

Now as its name refers, it’s just a simple curtain that covers up your sleeping space from that wide-open cockpit.

1. Inno Stage Smokeless Firepit Price: $94.95

This portable campfire pit uses wood pellets to create a perfect campfire to sit around with friends

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