10. NuCamp tab 400 Price: 50,498

For navigating rocky terrain, this camper has heavy-duty pitched axles, off-road tires, and 15-inch sports ramps.

9. Cortes Campers Price:  $48,500

It is ideal for those who are into the RV lifestyle. This fiberglass molded 17-foot travel trailer can withstand anything you can throw at it.

8. Pioneer Mitchell Price: $50,000

Use the pioneer Mitchell hybrid camper to explore the campgrounds, go hiking or go fishing.

7. Polydrops P17A1 Price: $30000

The mattress in this teardrop trailer can easily fit two people and is very well insulated.

6. BRS Sherpa Price: $39,990

The BRS Sherpa is a stylish off-road camper trailer that enables you to take the comforts of home on rough roads. 

5. Stockman Rover Price: $44,490

Introducing the Stockman Rover, a fantastic camper trailer that fits a lot of luxury into a small space. 

4. Patriot Campers X3 Price: $56,990

An off-road camper trailer for those who want to experience the outdoors but with a touch of extra luxury.

3. Sealander Price: $20,500

The Sealander is built for adventure on land and in the water. It boasts unparalleled versatility and four-season camping capabilities.

2. Mink 2.0 Price: US $17,375

The interior of this All-terrain Teardrop Camper is roomy and features an incredible panorama viewing roof for stargazing.

1. Zone RV Peregrine Price: $119,750

The Zone RV Peregrine is perfect for those looking for a more maneuverable off-road caravan. 

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