10. Flextailgear Max Pump 2 Pro

This powerful four-in-one device is waterproof and can inflate and deflate anything with just a snap of an eye.

9. Parago PG20

 It’s a portable cooler to keep those beer cans chilled and those food items fresh during the camping trip. 

8. Mulibex CAPRA Chair

A Flexing and arguably the most versatile chair for a comfortable camping trip.

7. Cinch

Having integrated solar panels on the top, the cinch can deliver enough power to recharge the electronic devices and illuminate the night camping experience.

6. Ukiah Co. Tailgater II

What makes this portable fire pit cool, is its innovative features like the dancing flames.

5. CTAX Multitool

this four-in-one multitool is a tomahawk to chop the woods, a hammer to bend the stakes, a pry bar, and a wrench to tighten the valves.

4. DiFOLD Origami Bottle

The water bottle has a straightforward folding mechanism that can be collapsed into something as small as a man's wallet.

3. VSSL Camp Supplies

it contains 70 pieces of camp supplies right in its rugged and waterproof container.


Meet the X tent, a transformable all-in-one tent from Cruella to make the experience more enjoyable and immersive. 

1. Scrubba Washbag Untouched

 The patented design on its inside features, a bunch of resilient scrub nodules that clean those dirty clothes in the most efficient way.

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