10. Titan SurvivorSteel Price: $32.98

This contains a ferrocerium rod that can start a fire even during rainy weather.

9. ACR Bivy Stick Price: $249.95

You’ll be getting Iridium reliable global satellite coverage to help you go off the grid while being environmentally aware.

8. Sailor’s Compass Price: $29.85

The best thing about this compass is that in order for it to function correctly, it does not rely on batteries or satellite signals.

7. Leatherman Signal Price:  $129.95

This Gadget packs a variety of tools that contain a set of pliers, wire cutters, bottle openers, sharpeners, and other invaluable things.

6. LARQ Bottle Filtered Price:  ‎$58.00

This bottle is built with nano filter technology that removes harmful contaminants like lead or chlorine.

5. Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket Price: $179

Its nanoloft insulation technology keeps you cozy from the inside while being able to pack down to six by 14 inches.

4. Mystery Ranch Scepter 50 Price: $249.00

The design of this backpack ensures the backpack takes the pressure off your back and distributes it evenly to your hips.

3. VSSL Camp Flask Price: $ 115

This is the world’s first flask that comes with a four-mode LED light that includes the ability to put out an SOS signal.

2. The Muncher Price: $39.99

This essential tool will help you ease off of carrying annoying utensils such as spoons, forks, and knives separately.

1. NEMO Dragonfly Price: $399.95 to $529.95

This tent, being portable and easy to carry, comes in three different sizes that have a starting weight of only 2 pounds.

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