TIME FOR JUDGMENT FOR XRP, & Ripple Requests IG Investigation

Did the Security and Exchange Commission know that they were protected by federal statute, even if they do anything wrong?

Why is the crypto market going down? And Ripple has scored a major win against the Security and Exchange Commission.

So, Ripple holders were enraged by the Security and Exchange Commission’s action against the digital asset, 

believing that the regulator had betrayed its mission of protecting consumers by filing a complaint against Ripple Labs for an alleged unregistered sale of securities,

which resulted in the delisting of XRP in the United States and a general sense of unease toward the digital asset. 

Ripple Labs, one of the world’s most prominent blockchain companies, has also expressed dissatisfaction with the Security and Exchange Commission’s enigmatic behavior at a time when regulatory clarity

should have been expected from the financial watchdog that wants to take the lead in the oversight of the new asset class known as blockchain technology.

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