The Puzzling Reason AI May Never Compete With Human Consciousness

Constructing humanlike artificial intelligence often starts with deconstructing humans.

Take fingerprints: When holding soapy dishes, we intuitively adjust our grip based on our fingerprint structure.

It just doesn't cross our mind, because we chalk it up to reflex and for the longest time, so did scientists.

No one had any equations to unravel how this works because, well, it didn't matter much.

But the rise of robotics has complicated things.

Physical knowledge and the capacity to code human qualities are, in some ways, requirements for robotic programming… 

This raises a critical question about the future of lifelike AI.

Is it possible that some components of human consciousness will never match these criteria? 

And you might agree after reading through two extremely mind-blowing thought experiments. Or you might not. So please click below to find your answer.