1. There’s an infinite supply of Bitcoin

There are 21 million bitcoins in total—that is all the Bitcoin that will ever exist before the world ends.

2. Crypto is Guaranteed to Go Up

While Bitcoin's self-imposed scarcity is intended to preserve its value over time, it does not guarantee that prices will rise.

3. All Crypto Has An Equal Environmental Impact

The way networks are set up and the hardware used to validate transactions can all affect the environmental impact of a given coin.

4. Cryptocurrency always functions as a currency

Right now, the most convenient way to use cryptocurrency is to buy more or liquidate it for a more traditional currency.

5. All cryptocurrency is bitcoin

There are thousands of different coins, each with its own peculiarities and rules. Some have a limited supply, while others do not.

6. 10% of bitcoin owners own 99% of bitcoins

It’s estimated that the wealthiest 10 percent of Americans own 89 percent of all U.S. stocks.

7. Cryptocurrencies aren’t backed by anything

These cryptocurrencies are backed by a physical commodity, such as traditional currency or precious metals. Pax Gold and Tether for eg.

8. All crypto transactions are eternally anonymous

So, yes, it’s far harder to track crypto transactions than traditional digital banking transactions, but not for the FBI.

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