Putin Doesn’t Realize How Much Warfare Has Changed

Otto von Bismarck once said that only a fool learns from his own mistakes. “I learn from other people’s,” the 19th-century German chancellor said.

Astonishingly, the Russian army is repeating the past mistakes of its Soviet predecessor.

In April 1945, Marshal Georgy Zhukov, under intense pressure from Stalin, sent his tank armies into Berlin without infantry support.

Vladimir Putin’s forces not only made the same error; they even copied the way their forebears had attached odd bits of iron....

including bed frames to their tanks’ turrets in the hopes that the added metal would detonate anti-tank weapons prematurely. 

This did not save the Russian tanks. It simply increased their profile and attracted Ukrainian tank-hunting parties...

just as the Soviet tanks in Berlin had drawn groups of Hitler Youth and SS, who attacked them with Panzerfausts.

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