1) Modern 1 Bedroom Tiny House     $27997.00

If you want a compact house with everything, this is your best chance. It has a plumbing system, electricity, flooring, and roofing.

2) 20 x 14 FarmHouse $15367.52

This cedar cottage, complete with a porch and window boxes, is begging to be your spring and summer hideaway.

3) Allwood Claudia $19580

This wood home is little more than 200 square feet. ft., making it ideal for a guest home, huge shed, or even a full living area. Electricity and plumbing may be installed.

4) 2' X 16' Wood Shed Kit $4127.00

This shed's double doors make it simple to move lawn mowers and other heavy tools in and out. However, this is not your typical backyard shed.

5) Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters $2950.00

A high-pitched roof, shatterproof windows, corner shelves, and steel wall supports Steel is used to strengthen the locking doors.

6) Prefabricated Modular Container House $29000.00

This modular home is the ideal starting point for your tiny house adventure. To begin, provide a shower, toilet, and kitchenette.

7) Allwood Arlanda $17380.00

With little over 220 square feet, this contemporary-styled tiny home is one of the biggest and most livable on this list.

8) Allwood Chloe $8900.00

This 123-square-foot house is not insulated, yet it is strong due to its all-spruce construction. Double French doors lead to a lovely living room.

9) Allwood Solvalla $8795.00

This windowed-unit is great for enjoying the peacefulness of the outdoors if you're seeking for a garden home.

10) Little Cottage Company Gingerbread Playhouse $3465.00

Give the kids their own miniature house to play in. This option is available in three sizes: 8'x8', 8'x10', and 8'x12'.