A McDonald's in Liverpool has prohibited minors from eating there after 5 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult.

Previously McDonald's Staff had been exposed to "verbal and physical assault," according to a spokeswoman.

"When it comes to criminality and anti-social behavior, we have a zero-tolerance approach," they added.

Minors are not permitted to dine at a McDonald's restaurant in the English city of Liverpool after 5:00 p.m. without accompanied by an adult.

A source told Insider that the interim restriction was imposed after employees at the city-center location, were faced to "verbal and physical violence."

According to one client, a security officer told someone that under the new corporate policy, he couldn't let groups of minors in without an adult.

"We have noticed a rise in the number of instances of anti-social behavior in the region in recent weeks, with our workers," the spokesman told Insider.

This decision was not made lightly, and we are collaborating with the police to find a solution and decrease these incidences, according to the spokesman.

There are two more 24-hour McDonald's restaurants nearby, one a 4-minute walk away and the other a 10-minute walk away from the site that instituted this regulation.