Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey visits the White House to push for stricter gun laws and mental health reform

In his visit to the White House on Tuesday, actor Matthew McConaughey, urged bipartisan action on mental health reform, stronger gun regulation, and repercussions for anyone who breaks gun laws.

The Austin homeowner was genuinely affected as she shared stories of families devastated by the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary, which killed 19 fourth graders and two teachers

"There is a sense that perhaps there is a feasible route ahead," McConaughey said after meeting with President Joe Biden in the James S. Brady briefing room.

McConaughey did not accept reporters' questions following his statements, in which he proclaimed that "business as usual isn't working."

Last year, McConaughey considered running for Texas governor but subsequently dropped out, saying he wanted to focus on "building routes for individuals to succeed in life."

"We require prudent gun ownership...." "Background checks are required," he stated on Tuesday. "The minimum age for purchasing an AR-15 firearm should be raised to 21."

"There isn't a single Democratic or Republican virtue in one of these shooters' acts," McConaughey stated. "However, those in positions of authority have done nothing." 

Can both parties see beyond the political issue at hand and acknowledge that we are dealing with a life-preservation issue?