Megyn Kelly is a Champaign, Illinois-born American journalist, news anchor, political commentator, and lawyer.

As of 2022, Megyn Kelly's net worth is $45 million USD. She is a prominent TV personality and political pundit, as well as one of the most powerful figures in the entertainment industry.

She was a well-known face on Fox before moving on to NBC. Though her popularity ratings suffered as a result of her departure to another network.

Megyn Kelly was included in Time magazine’s list of the 100 most important people in the world in 2014.

Her fame was tainted by scandal during her stay at NBC, causing Megyn to leave the network and focus exclusively on her own social media channels, including YouTube and Instagram.

Megyn Kelly's salary at Fox Network peaked at $8 million per year, according to reports. She became well-known as one of Fox News' top anchors at the time.

Kelly's annual salary was increased from $8 million to $23 million after she left Fox to join NBC News.

Megyn Marie Kelly was born on November 18, 1970, in Champaign, Illinois, to a Catholic family and raised in Syracuse.

Linda, her mother, is a stay-at-home parent, and Edward Kelly, her father, is an educator at the State University of New York in Albany.

Kelly's first job in the broadcasting industry was as a General Assignment Reporter for the WJLA-TV news station in Washington, DC.

Her performance at WJLA-TV inspired her to approach major news outlets. Kelly approached CNN but was rejected, something CNN president Jonathan Klein later regretted.

Megyn Kelly has been married twice. Her first marriage occurred in 2001 to anesthesiologist Daniel Kendall. And second with  Douglas Brunt, the CEO of cybersecurity startup Authentium.

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