Dua Lipa is a well known British singer, songwriter, and model who was born in Westminster, London, England

Dua Lipa’s net worth is $36 million as of 2022. Since 2016, she has been dominating the charts with her pop tunes all over the world

Dua had already achieved success in her parents’ homeland of Kosovo and had been doing music for most of her life before releasing her debut album.

Dua Lipa was born in London, England on August 22, 1995, to parents Dukagjin Lipa and Anesa Lipa, both from Pristina, FR Yugoslavia, now known as Kosovo.

Dua Lipa is Bosnian through her grandmother on her mother’s side, and her family is described as Muslim.

Dua quickly found rappers such as 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg after attending her first concert. Dua’s father was also working for a Telecom firm at the time, which helped bring big concerts to Kosovo.

Dua Lipa began dating model Anwar Hadid. Anwar is most known for being Gigi and Bella Hadid’s younger brother.

She usually works out for 15 minutes and tries to eat well. She also does yoga on a regular basis. Dua enjoys bananas and cashew butter as a snack.

Dua doesn’t believe she has many abilities other than singing, except for being a natural speller. She spells the word ‘pterodactyl’ in an interview.

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