If you're familiar with the cryptocurrency market, you've probably heard of the FTX exchange, which is the third-largest exchange by daily trading volume.

It would have been great if they had an exchange token, which does exist.

I'm referring about the FTX coin, which has a market valuation of almost 5.7 billion dollars.

And it's on the radar of hundreds of thousands of potential investors.

What is FTX token?

The FTX token is the exchange token for the FTX ecosystem and may be used as collateral for futures holdings,

gaining trading fee discounts, collecting OTC rebates, and more.

The FTX trading platform provides leveraged tokens, over-the-counter (OTC), 

and futures trading and intends to be the premier cryptocurrency derivatives exchange in the blockchain world.

How does FTX token work?

The FTX trading platform may be described as a futures exchange....

that seeks to correct flaws in existing crypto exchanges by providing its customers with a platform that is simple to use and profitable for all.

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