Instagram Stories: Our Guide to Stickers, Effects, Key Settings and More

Since the feature’s debut in 2016, Instagram Stories has been a pillar of the social media platform.

Stories enable you to upload several photographs that play like a slideshow and expire at the end of the day, as opposed to carefully chosen photos that linger in your feed eternally (until you delete them).

You may add images, videos, text, or postings from other accounts to your story. 

Because Stories don’t display in your main picture grid, they’re ideal for sharing an image or message with your followers without committing to a complete post with captions.

Stories provide an alternate way to keep up with the most current actions of the people you follow (although you can now bring back the timeline feeds ).

Stories appear in a horizontal line above your feed; if someone you follow has posted a story in the recent 24 hours, their profile photo will be encircled by a colourful circle.

When you touch the picture, you will view the account’s history. Continue tapping to see all of the stories posted by the accounts you follow for the day.

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