How To Complete Elden Ring's Ranni The Witch Sidequest

Ranni The Witch is Elden Ring's most essential non-essential quest.

Elden Ring is a big game. You've probably already observed this. It's packed with creatures to slaughter, weapons to acquire, and sidequests to accomplish. 

Ranni the Witch's sidequest is possibly the largest of any.

It's possibly Elden Ring's most important non-essential quest, as it takes you through two endless cities and a lake of genuine rot.

Ranni's goal is worthwhile to complete for three reasons.

First, you'll learn some useful information.

Second, you'll be rewarded with even more precious stuff.

And Third, it will influence which endings are offered to you.

To begin the quest, you must first unlock the Liurnia of the Lakes location. 

Click the button below to be guided through the entire questline, from meeting Ranni to defeating the final boss.