Rep. Jeff Fortenberry was found guilty of lying to the FBI

The charges concerned his knowledge of campaign donations made with funds from a foreign national, 

and the jury returned the verdicts after less than three hours of deliberations.

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.) was found guilty of three felonies on Thursday for lying to and deceiving the FBI about campaign donations made with cash from a foreign national.

After a weeklong trial in Los Angeles, the jury returned the findings after less than three hours of deliberation, according to The Associated Press.

On each offence, Fortenberry could face a five-year prison sentence as well as fines.

After the conviction, Fortenberry said, “This is crucial to Nebraska.”

Fortenberry read a text from his other daughter, who he said was out of state, while speaking alongside two of his daughters and his wife.

His phone was ringing with “wonderful messages,” he said, and he referred to his wife as his “heroine.”

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