Ghost particle: what exactly is a neutrino and how may it break physics?

It crashed in Antarctica after travelling at the speed of light. It stuck in the ice. 

It wasn’t an asteroid or an extraterrestrial spaceship, but a neutrino, a particle that only rarely interacts with matter.

Neutrinos, while being postulated in the 1930s and first detected in the 1950s, 

have a mysterious air about them and are sometimes referred to as “ghost particles”: they are neither haunted nor threatening, but merely move through the Earth without our notice.

“And that’s a good name.” According to astronomer Clancy James of Curtin University in Western Australia.

For the past few years, ghost particles have been in the news for a variety of reasons, not just because they have a funny name.

Other neutrinos appear to be entering from above the Sun, and this collision in Antarctica has been linked to a black hole ripping a star apart.

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