Elden Ring: Here Are The Best Places To Farm Runes

Elden Ring has been out for just over a month now, and if you've been playing it you've probably noticed that progress requires three things:

Luck, skill and runes.

Runes double as both currency and experience points in Elden Ring, as they're what you'll use to both buy items and upgrade your character.

That applies both to leveling up weapons, which also requires Smithing Stones, and traditional character levelling, for which you'll need a vast quantity of runes.

You'll get those runes by killing foes, slaying bosses and selling items. But if you're looking to earn them quickly,

there's are easy ways to farm them.

Today we tell you two rune farming methods.

One is available to you early on, and the second much later in the game.

The second method, which is best suited for post-game rune farming, is dramatically faster ,it easily gets you a million runes in 10 minutes.

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