1. She fulfills her responsibilities to her parents.

Dua Lipa's father is a well-known musician. "He's fantastic. After all, he is my father. "I'm going to say he's perfectly well."She told CNN. 

"I believe I'm prejudiced in that regard." Everything I do is motivated by my parents. And if they saw that I wanted to do anything creative, they were the ones that encouraged me."

2. She Just Wants to Have Fun

She repeats this every time she works on a new record “I’m taking things easy.

She stated My favorite component of my job is going back to other cities and seeing how the crowds have grown and getting to do something different. And that is the most essential thing to me.

3. This is What She Does Early in the Morning

“It’s time for a walk with Dexter, my dog. I’m really fortunate that he and I share the same sleep routine.

Our walks are an excellent way for me to prepare for the day ahead. I usually take an Evian bottle (to stay hydrated) and his leash for a stroll around the block.

4. She places a high value on self-care.

“If you’re not sure what self-care activity is suitable for you,” then you have to contact mayo clinic, says Dua.

Basic practices might include writing, meditation, prayer, and mindful movements, such as yoga or tai chi, or any activity or behavior that provides us energy and improves our feeling of well-being.

5. She Cares About Immigrants

She told CNN when anti-immigrant rhetoric seemed to be at an all-time high. it feels sad to think that young kids don’t have, or may not have, that option in the future.

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