1. Upcoming new locations

Long-awaited venues are anticipated to open in Florida, Texas, California, and Wisconsin starting in August.

 Launch dates for Phoenix and Washington State are set for October while growing into the South and Midwest is planned for November.

Costco has seen the effects of inflation, and product shortages. Customers have observed price increases on at least seven products like

2. Increasing certain things' prices

warehouse brands, bakery goods the food court soda. The Kirkland croissants, Kirkland muffins, Kirkland danishes, half-sheet cakes, and postage stamps. 

Before you know it, the fall season will be here, bringing with it pumpkin spice, changing foliage, and of course, candles! 

3. Massive Candles Has Launched Officially

These enormous 4-wick candles may be available for $19.99 at a nearby warehouse for candle enthusiasts (or those who simply want a candlelight dinner).

Along with the fall celebrations, the warehouse company is launching Halloween-themed hot chocolate bombs,

4. Hot Cocoa Bombs Now in Stores

which were also discovered by @costcobuys and have garnered thousands of likes on Instagram. The eerie treat is composed of white chocolate and is shaped like an eyeball. 

It was said to as a butter cookie with raspberry filling and powdered sugar on top, and it got mixed reviews.

5. Raspberry Crumble Cookies Return for Summer

Although many consumers loved the cookies, the price tag didn't do them any favors. The initial $8.99 price tag, a bag of 12 cookies now costs $11.99.