Biden Plans Sanctions on Russian Lawmakers as He Heads to Europe

According to a White House official familiar with the announcement, President Biden will announce sanctions on hundreds of members of Russia’s lower house of parliament this week,

as the US and its allies seek even harsher measures to punish President Vladimir V. Putin for his month-long invasion of Ukraine.

On Thursday, Mr. Biden will make the announcement during a series of global conferences in Europe,

where he will press Western countries for even more strong economic measures against Russia as its soldiers continue to destroy cities in Ukraine.

Mr. Biden and other leaders will announce a “next phase” of military assistance to Ukraine, new plans to expand and enforce economic sanctions,

and a push to strengthen NATO defences along the Russian border in Brussels on Thursday, according to Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser.

One of the main goals of this week’s discussions is to demonstrate that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,

Will not result in sniping and disagreement among the US and its partners.

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