Astronauts to Wear Brain-Tracking Helmets in Microgravity

Four brave humans are about to ascend into space. For 10 days, they'll call the International Space Station home as part of the Axiom-1 mission,

A trailblazing endeavor to bring the first ever all-private crew onto the space-borne laboratory.

On liftoff day, scheduled for Friday, we'll witness NASA's Kennedy Space Center guiding the team through a historic countdown

But behind the scenes, an unsung quartet of biological control centers will be on high alert, too.

The astronauts' brains will be firing away, keeping them cogent for a strenuous expedition ahead.

Then, once they exit Earth's atmosphere, those crucial organs will have to continue toiling away in microgravity, which is known to alter brain tissue.

To settle Mars, we'll need to know how space transforms the human brain.

Israeli neuroscience startup is on it, beginning with the crew of the historic Axiom-1 mission.

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