Apple, Google, and Samsung may have huge plans for smartwatches in 2022

Smartwatches are expected to have a strong year this year.

While we expect standard improvements such as the next-generation Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, 2022 may also see some significant milestones.

Google, for example, plans to ship its first Pixel Watch in the spring or autumn of this year. 

Fitbit, which is owned by Google, may also introduce its first Wear OS watch.

One in every five Americans, according to a Pew Research survey from 2020, wears a smartwatch or fitness tracker,

And according to Counterpoint Research, the smartwatch business gained 24 percent year over year in 2021.

As a result, it’s no surprise that businesses like Apple, Google, Samsung, and others will push their wearable tech goals this year.

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