9 businesses that Musk and Bezos would be interested in getting into to help you find your next billion-dollar business idea.

1. Crypto/ Blockchain Business

 People are always looking for a new great project to invest in. So, if you have an awesome crypto idea, it’s not too difficult to source funding.

2. Cloud Computing Service

If you've never heard of cloud computing, it's essentially computing services that are delivered over the internet or cloud rather than a physical server.

3. Sustainable Energy Provider

The demand for sustainable solutions has given rise to a new and lucrative industry for entrepreneurs.

4. Gaming Applications

Today, you can create a game for free (if you're a developer) or for a low cost (if you outsource) and have it reach 100 million or even a billion downloads.

5. Streaming Service

You can start a business in the streaming industry. You can specialize in areas such as public awareness, gaming, tutoring, and interviewing.

6. Retail Business

Even with eCommerce, physical stores have a place in retail. So, starting a retail venture that balances both is a good business model.

7. Construction Business

If you leverage technology and sub-contract equipment you don’t own yet, starting a construction business doesn’t need huge money.

8. Fintech Company

 So, if you have knowledge or skills in finance or technology, fintech might actually be a great industry to pursue.

9. Real Estate Technology

This could range from market analytics to predict buyer behavior to a marketplace where buyers and sellers can find what they are looking for.

Friends, we can't explain everything about these 9 businesses here due to the google web stories word limit. So we made a dedicated article on this topic, please check below.