9. Filmatic Price: $321

This pocket-sized multimedia projector weighs only 200 grams, so portability won’t be an issue.

8. Novtech G40 Waterproof String Lights Price: $36.99

Five LED beads inside the bulb look elegant and brighter than any conventional ones.

7. Novtech S14 LED Outdoor String Lights Price: $ 65.99

These commercial shatterproof lights have IP 65 ratings to withstand all year-round usage.

6. Melody Elephant Double Inflatable Couch Price: $162

This couch offers tons of design options so that users can choose the best match for their personality.


this tiny knife can be a handy tool for a bushcraft camp knife, to an EDC knife, it can excel in all situations.

4. Envikit Price: $47

It’s designed simply with a five-in-one set of collapsible utensils, along with a straw. 

3. Ecoxgear EcoExtreme 2 Price: $99.99

The EcoxGear EcoExtreme 2 is a rugged, portable speaker to rock those camping journeys. 

2. Flextailgear Light Repel Price: $43.99

It’s known as one of the most powerful and portable mosquito repellents ever. 

1. Helinox Table Price: $178.46

 It weighs less than 2 pounds, making it easy to carry in your hands or in the trunk.

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