Government occupations tend to be more recession-resistant than positions in other businesses.

During the Great Recession, federal, state, and local government workers had the lowest unemployment rate of any recession-proof job on this list.

Healthcare and social support employees are in high demand, particularly with the rising needs of COVID-19 and even during a recession.

Healthcare and Social Assistance

This industry saw the least percentage rise in unemployment during the Great Recession, making it one of the most recession-proof vocations.

The expected unemployment rate in the financial services business is among the lowest on the list, but not the lowest.

Financial Activities

Accountants and auditors, budget analysts, human resource specialists, insurance underwriters, and other professionals work in this field.

Workers in the professional and business services industry had the lowest unemployment rate in May 2022, trailing only government employees.

Professional and Business Services

Accountants, management, sports and entertainment agents, securities and credit, and other positions are available in this industry.

The nondurable-goods manufacturing sector saw 12% jobless during the Great Recession, but the outlook is brighter in the event of a future recession.

Nondurable-Goods Manufacturing

Truck drivers, sales agents, freight and stock movers, shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks, among others, work in this industry.

Jobs in the information industry are not as immune to recessions as other jobs on this list. However, during downturns, this industry fared better than most others.


Jobs in this industry include mentioning a few, media, telecommunications, data processing, motion picture, and sound recording.

Repair and maintenance employees, personal care services, and religious and social advocacy services are all part of this industry.

Other Services

Automotive service technicians, first-line supervisors, hairdressers and cosmetologists, and laundry and dry cleaning employees are all examples of jobs in this industry.

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