We always say that the best time to start investing is yesterday, and the second best time is today. 

today, we’re going to share with you guys some bad or irresponsible money decisions that may actually be the right ones for you.

1. Investing before you pay off all your debt

Unless you have a lot of high-interest debt, not getting into the investing game sooner will almost always cost you more money.

2. Spending on short-term wants

A better long-term strategy is to create a budget that allows you to spend money on things that make you happy in the short term.

3. Holding more than you need in cash

It could mean having a larger emergency fund than you would normally have.

4. Focusing on earning more instead of spending less

Being hyper-restrictive often completely backfires when it comes to long-term decision-making.

5. Putting every expense you can on a credit card

it’s a total myth that it’s better for your credit score to leave a balance on the card every month.

6. Missing out on investing opportunities

You may hear a lot about how you're passing up big opportunities, but in the long run, it's almost always the best option.

7. Taking out an unnecessary loan

Realizing that not all debt is equal and some debt should only be used as an investment

Friends, we can't explain everything about these 7 tips here due to the google web stories word limit. So we made a dedicated article on this topic, please check below.