1. Asus 24-Inch Full HD Monitor

$120 At Amazon $135 At Wallmart The 1080-pixel resolution is appropriate for the 24-inch screen size and appears crisp.

It supports AMD's FreeSync if your computer has an AMD graphics card, allowing you to take use of the panel's 75-Hz screen refresh rate for seamless gameplay.

2. Dell 27-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

$280 At Amazon $330 At Dell This Dell curved gaming monitor has a 1440p LCD TFT display, which is roughly the bare minimum for a 27-inch screen.

It lacks HDR compatibility, which is unfortunate, but if that isn't a must-have feature for you, this is an excellent gaming monitor at a fair price.

$400 At Amazon $400 At Adorama If you do any kind of visual creative work like graphic design, then color accuracy matters a lot more to you.

3. BenQ 27-Inch QHD HDR Monitor

For the rest of us, it's still rather lovely. The stand is flexible since it allows you to swivel the screen to portrait position or VESA attach it.

4. LG 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor

$460 At Amazon $377 At Adorama Playing games on a display that fills your peripheral vision is quite cool.

This 34-inch model has a 2560 x 1080 pixel resolution with an IPS panel, thus the majority of the extra space comes from the screen's width rather than a better pixel density.

5. Monoprice 28-Inch CrystalPro 4K HDR Monitor

$383 At Amazon $360 At Monoprice A 4K monitor, such as this one from Monoprice, would have to be rather large to be worthwhile.

Fortunately, the 28-inch frame here is more than enough to make a difference. It also supports HDR and has sufficiently bright colors.