TitleNintendo Switch Sports: 5 Things to Know About the Upcoming Game

Switch Sports: Kick, Goad, and Serve is a sequel to the successful 2006 game.

We gathered additional specifics about how the upcoming Switch game will function in a recent Nintendo overview video.

You might be wondering what sports will be included in the game, or if Miis will make a return.

Players may play as traditional Wii avatars, according to the video.

It also has action footage from all six sports featured in the game (sorry baseball fans, the Wii favorite sport has been removed).

Volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, tennis, and “chambara,” a sword-fighting game, are all included in the game.

As we get closer to the April 27th release date for Nintendo’s Switch Sports, we’ve compiled a list of five items that jump out from the overall video.

From the inclusion of Miis to 16-player "survival bowling," Click below to know what was covered in a recent overview trailer.