1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of its nominal value and market capitalization. No wonder, Kevin O Leary owns some.

An interesting fact is that Kevin does not only own Bitcoin but he also owns stakes in some of the well-known mining firms.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to provide smart contracts to consumers, just as Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency in general.

One of the reasons he likes Ethereum is the fact that Ethereum is more than just about making payments. It is a marketplace for games, app, and many services.

3. Solana

Kevin O Leary believes that Solana can get the job done which is why he is investing heavily in projects such as these.

It’s quite an impressive coin that made huge profits last year, to both big investors like Kevin O Leary and small investors as well.

4. Polygon (Matic)

It s a well-organized and user-friendly platform for scaling Ethereum and developing infrastructure.

Polygon effectively transforms Ethereum into a distributed ledger with several chains. Maybe that’s why O Leary decided to invest in the coin

5. FTT

In late 2021 Kelvin agreed to a multi-year contract to act as FTX’s brand ambassador. Their native coin is the FTT, which is used in the FTX cryptocurrency market.

Friends, we can't explain everything about these cryptos here due to the google web stories word limit. So we made a dedicated article on this topic, please check below.