4 Unexplained Historical Mysteries

Even with current science and technology, these unsolved historical mysteries have yet to be solved. 

They have remained a mystery throughout history and continue to confuse enthusiasts and professionals alike.

We bring to you 5 of history’s greatest unanswered mysteries, ranging from impossible architecture to ancient electricity.

How did these ancient people come to have such great knowledge and technology?

Ramsetu Bridge (India)

In 2002 a NASA satellite was passing over the shallow regions of the Indian ocean where it gathered images of what appeared to be submerged rocks spanning a distance of at least 30 miles from the southern parts of India 

What makes this interesting and mysterious is how it closely relates to an ancient Hindu Poem that tells the story of Ramayana.

This story speaks of the Hindu God, Rama building a magical bridge from large floating rocks spanning the distance from Southern India to  Sri Lanka.

The stones that appear in the NASA images are said to be positioned on a naturally forming shoal, which is a term that oceanographers 

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