1. Feeling Consistently Stressed

When you or your spouse believes the relationship has become a source of stress, you know something is wrong.

2. Causing Stress-Induced Physical Symptoms

Headaches, upset stomach, chest pains, sleep difficulties, and a general lack of energy are all frequent physical signs of stress.

3. Creating Problems With Avoidance and Denial

When people begin to fear their interaction with loved ones, they are more likely to avoid them.

4. Getting Trapped by 'Gaslighting'

When you detect a problem, your partner not only refuses to tackle it but also actively rejects or fabricates justifications to act as if it does not exist.

5. Lowered Self-Esteem

When anything goes wrong in our relationships, it's difficult not to feel that the situation is a reflection of who we are.

6. Triggering Irritable or Mercurial Behavior

Attempts to address the underlying problem might trigger outbursts, which are often motivated by a desire to avoid taking the blame.

7. Inciting Combativeness

Unresolved concerns can show as negative conduct, such as retaliating against our spouse for perceived slights.

8. Experiencing an Unequal Give and Take

It's a negative indicator when one person starts offering too little and demanding too much in return.

9. Triggering Anxiety

When the status of a relationship generates fear about the future, safety, or money, it is extremely likely to lead to anxiety symptoms.

10. Creating Social Anxiety

A possessive relationship might exacerbate social anxiety if a partner feels guilty or inferior when they engage with persons outside the relationship.