Zevia Soda

You may expect to pay anywhere from 87 cents to $1.05 per can at other grocery shops, but at Sam's Club, it comes out to roughly 57 cents each can.

Peanut Butter

Sam's Club offers two 48-ounce jars of Skippy creamy style spread for $10.28 — 10.7 cents per ounce. In comparison, a single 40-ounce jar at Target costs $5.99.


A 10-pound bag of Domino sugar costs around 72 cents per pound, or about $7.28. And A 25-pound bag of sugar costs around $16.98, or 68 cents per pound.

Chocolate Chips

The 72-ounce bag of Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips costs $9.98, or about 14 cents per ounce.

Trash Bags

At $18.98 for a box of 200 13-gallon garbage bags, it is significantly more economical. That's only nine cents per item.

Albanese Gummy Bears

At the warehouse club, a 56-ounce bag costs roughly $8.48, or 15 cents per ounce; shopping elsewhere can cost up to $8 for a 36-ounce bag.

Full-Size Candy Bars

A package of 36 full-sized Kit Kat bars costs roughly $27.52, or around 76 cents per bar. A single Kit Kat bar will cost around $1.29 if purchased elsewhere.

Allergy Pills

Aller-itin loratadine pills cost just $11.97 for 400 tablets, or 3 cents a tablet. It's an over-the-counter medication similar to well-known brands such as Claritin."


A box of Honey Nut Cheerios may cost around 25 cents per ounce at a conventional grocery shop; at Sam's Club, you may obtain a larger quantity for about 16 cents per ounce.


Dove Men+Care antiperspirant deodorant, a 2.7-ounce bottle, is available in a five-pack for $19.58 — less than $4 each.

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