10. Federal, state, and local government

Annual median wage: $99,690 A high-paying federal job is that of an air traffic controller, who monitors aircraft in flight.

9. Wholesale trade

Annual median wage: $102,110 Wholesale trade managers oversee the day-to-day operations of their company's division that sells bulk goods to retailers .

8. Educational services

Annual median wage: $102,130 Qualifications for this position include a bachelor's degree or higher.

7. Manufacturing

Annual median wage:  $121,190 Manufacturing managers supervise the operations of a manufacturing facility.

6. Mining

Annual median wage: $122,420 Executives in this industry may also be responsible for the miners' safety. They may outline project plans or keep track of staffing needs.

5. Information

Annual median wage: $127,750 People in this role typically work in an office setting and monitor the flow of information (electronic or procedural).

4. Finance and insurance

Annual median wage: $129,560 A bachelor's degree is required to become a financial advisor. Some people choose to pursue a master's degree for promotion.

3. Professional, scientific, and technical services

Annual median wage: $129,600 The private sector employs the most people in these positions, followed by the federal government.

2. Utilities

Annual median wage: $130,500 A utility manager oversees facilities in a town or region that provide critical services like water, electricity etc.to homes and businesses

1. Management of companies and enterprises

Annual median wage: $160,760 A manager's role in a company or enterprise is to direct the operations of the company.