Top 8 Best Portable Water Filters for Camping

Needless to say, drinkable water is crucial, especially in demanding activities like camping and backpacking. Drinking water from a random source in the great outdoors is not safe at all because of the germs, harmful bacteria, and contaminants.

Besides, carrying water for drinking is not a solution for multi-day trips or hiking trips. So it’s wise to keep a compact, lightweight, and portable water filter in that backpack. And to help everyone make their decision. We’ve compiled a list of some amazing portable water filters for camping and backpacking. Enjoy.

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8. Guzzle H2O Stream

Price: $1,195.00

Top 8 Best Portable Water Filters for Camping

Guzzle H2O stream. A perfect solution for a large group of backpackers or to rock that boom docking party. This one is a battery operated water filter that delivers an adequate amount of drinkable water from any water source.

Need to fill the RV tank. No issues as it takes only a few minutes to do so. Ultraviolet rays and active carbon block ensures the water’s goodness and taste, so never worry about fresh water while chilling with friends or family. Thanks to this guzzle H2O stream.

7. Steripen Aqua

Price: $74.95

Steripen Aqua water purifier

Steripen Aqua is arguably the easiest way of purifying water in no time. Its ultraviolet rays are super effective against waterborne micro creatures and make water drinkable in such a short time.

This purifier uses AA batteries to operate and provides up to 150 liters of drinkable water per set. The intuitive purification method makes it perfectly suitable for frequent use.

6. Quench Sea

Price: $207,272

Device turns seawater into drinkable freshwater

This Quench Sea is a unique one. Basically, a portable desalination device as its name refers. This one turns seawater into drinkable freshwater by eliminating excessive salt and other waterborne bacteria.

This groundbreaking, manually powered device features triple filtration and reverse osmosis membrane to convert salty seawater instantly into pure, drinkable water.

5. Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

Price: $29.90

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

The name may be Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle. It looks like one too, but its price tag won’t make anyone break the bank. This water filter bottle rocks a premium outlook featuring the simplest filtration method to deliver clean water in no time.

Multiple color and size options let anyone reflect their own preference, while interchangeable filters make it a versatile one to carry on any backpacking or camping trip where you need clean drinking water for consumption.

4. Survivor Filter Pro

Price: $69.95

Water Purifier for camping

Want something heavy duty for those extreme survival journeys? Then give this survivor filter pro a try because this one’s known to deliver the cleanest water from the worst sources with an unbelievable water filtration level of 0.01 microns.

This survivor filter pro eliminates every little threat to provide you with the purest water. Multiple test results meet NSF and ANSI standards, making it a reliable one for those extreme expeditions and survivals.

3. MSR MiniWorks EX

Price: $109.95

For many outdoor enthusiasts, MSR MiniWorks EX is a reliable name for its top notch filtration method, super compact size, and user intuitive usage method. Weighing only a pound, this water filter takes less space inside your backpack, making those adventures lighter and more enjoyable.

In addition, its field maintainable filter can be cleaned anywhere to deliver the purest water. At the same time, its active carbon element ensures the perfect taste.

2. HydroBlu Versa Flow

Price: $39.99

HydroBlu Versa Flow

This versa flow is quite a versatile option from HydroBlu, no matter where the adventure leads you. The quick and easy installation method with its most straightforward filtering system makes it a user intuitive one.

Then comes its super compact and lightweight form factor, making it stay inside your pocket for utilizing the storage space most efficiently. This one ounce water filter can prevent over 99.99% of bacteria delivering its users clean, drinkable water.


Price: $48.00


If anyone wants something simple but effective, then this outdoor adventure filter from Epic Water Filter can be just the right choice. The simple installation method doesn’t require any complicated tool or anything, making it more user friendly.

In addition, this 100% BPA free water filter weighs only 32 ounces and lasts as long as 3 to 4 months. Its highly effective filtration method eliminates more than 70 types of contaminants, making it a tested and approved portable water filter around the world.

So don’t forget this outdoor adventure filter on that extreme survival and pleasant backpacking trip.

Final Words

So that was our list of some best portable water filters for backpacking and camping. Thanks for reading. Feel free to reveal your thoughts in the comment section and please share this article if you find it helpful. We always crave to learn more. If you think we’ve missed a product or there’s a product we should add, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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